Live Orders Dashboard

There are two Live Orders Dashboard available through Simple Marijuana Menu--a basic dashboard which displays orders that have been received within the last 24 hours and the enhanced dashboard that allows you to manage the fulfillment of the orders and communicate to the customer when their order is ready.  

For the basic Live Order Dashboard, you'll need to be logged into the Online Orders section of the Simple Marijuana Menu dashboard and then click on the blue View Life-Refresh Orders Page button.  


Once you've clicked on the button, you'll go to the Live Orders Dashboard.  If you have not enabled the enhanced Live Order Dashboard, you'll be directed to the basic Live Orders Dashboard which displays detailed information on orders received within the past 24 hours.  This dashboard can be used by your internal staff to view order numbers, customer data and a detailed look at the items that the customers have ordered:


The enhanced Live Orders Dashboard allows you to view the same information as the Basic Live Orders Dashboard as well as adding steps to note where the order is in terms of fulfillment and allowing communication to the customer to know when their order is ready. (Please note: additional fees apply for the SMS text communication to customers.) You can see when an order is received, when it has been prepared for pickup and when it has been picked up in store by checking the buttons along the path to fulfillment.    


Once the order has been prepared and is ready for pickup, hitting the "Mark as Ready" button will generate a text message to the customer's phone number letting them know the order is ready for pick up--again, additional charges will apply for the SMS texts.  Once the customer picks up the order, hitting the Mark Delivered button will grey the order out so you will only see the active orders:


If you would like the Enhanced Live Order Dashboard enabled for your store, please contact Grassworks Support today and we'll be happy to enable the functionality.  

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