Digital Signage Hardware & Software Recommendations

Before you start, if you haven't read the TV Display & Digital Signage Help article, please do.

The following recommendations are designed to help streamline this journey based on our testing of many solutions. Trust us, we've tried everything, from banging our heads on shelves, to ripping TVs from walls, to consulting tea leaves and ouija boards. And these are the best.  

So please take this opportunity to learn from us, and save your frustration for something else — like untangling your HDMI cords.

Digital Signage Recommendation

We recommend Mood Media’s Sight Solutions when it comes to digital signage in the cannabis industry. Mood provides any or all of the elements needed to help you to use your screens to their utmost benefit. This can include provision of screens, mounts and wiring, OR just playback devices, the actual visual platform and any training as needed. 

Digital signage offers so many options, whether it’s simply for menus tied into your Grassworks Digital account, running educational or entertaining content, Video on Demand training for employees or clientele, or running promotions or community tie-in’s. Regardless of how you choose to use the digital signage in your store(s), the team at Mood has provided visual services to tens of thousands of locations and can handle anything from single location/single screen configurations, to multi-locations and/or more intricate systems.

The team at Mood leverages your teams’ skills, and lets you do what you do best. One of their big advantages is that they have field representatives and technicians who are available where necessary - AKA, “real” humans who understand our business.

Digital Signage Recommendations

The working relationship between Grassworks Digital and Mood Media allows you to remotely manage your digital signage from anywhere with an Internet connection. The service is extremely reliable and flexible in that you can create campaigns that you then assign to individual TV’s, groups or different stores based on whatever regions you decide will work best for you.  

What you should not do

Do not try and use Apple Tvs, Chrome Casts, and other web-browsers. These are great media devices but they are not Digital Signage.


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