Menu Options

Under the Menu Options page, we provide you a variety of options to control your SEO Settings, Google Analytics, inventory thresholds, and HTML sections.

SEO Settings:

Today optimizing your content for search engines is more important than ever. Grassworks Digital’s powerful tools will allow you to control your menu’s most important SEO settings.

HTML Title:

The HTML Title is the title that search engines index. This is what will show in the results when customers search for your business.

HTML Meta Description: 

This description is what search engines will display below the HTML title on their result pages. It’s a short description that will serve as an introduction to your business


Display Title: 

The Display Title is the title you will see at the top of your menu. For businesses with multiple locations, we recommend using the display title to communicate which location’s menu the customer is viewing.


Google Analytics:

If you’d like to measure the the web-traffic of your menu, Grassworks Digital has a simple integration for Google Analytics. 

Quantity Thresholds:

Product moves fast, and we know your inventory isn't always perfect. So if you have a low count of specific products, we can automatically hide this inventory from your customer-facing menu by inputting the quantity threshold value in the Menu Options. For example, if you’d prefer a particular product not appear if there’s less than five in stock, simply set the quantity threshold to five, and it will be automatically removed when that number is reached.

Along with the quantity threshold setting, you can also set a price which the thresholds will not apply to. For example, many stores don't carry high quantities of ounces. So if you set a price cap of $150, all products over that price point will continue to display, even even when they are at or below the normal quantity threshold level.

HTML Sections above and below the Menu:

Above and below the menu, we have two areas where you can choose to display any HTML you’d like. Generally, we recommend using the footer to display your legally mandated disclaimer. Many of our customers use the top HTML section to post advertisements, highlight specials, or display custom messages.

Text Section about the Menu:

Grassworks also provides an additional text section which displays above the menu. This is where many of our clients choose to clarify pricing info or info customers about happy hours and specials. You can see an example of how we recommend using this section here.

Flower Separation by Indica, Sativa, Hybrid:

If you’d like your menu’s Flower category to be separated by Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains, Grassworks Digital provides this functionality. Please note, once this is enabled, a fresh inventory sync will be required before your flower will reflect the new categorization. 


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