Supplier / Vendor / Brand Names

We see a lot of brands in cannabis and often times we see multiple brands from the same supplier. Your Simple Marijuana Menu has distinct field in the menu row to display the supplier info. (See Menu Rows Explained for details)

By default we display the Supplier info provided by your inventory but from here we have a variety of options available.

First, we can hide and or update this information from your web-menu if you would like.

Next, we update known suppliers to their corresponding brand information. This is managed globally were we convert Suppliers like Forbidden Gardens to Western Cultured.

The last option is to utilize Brand fields from your point of sale if they are available. GreenBits (a popular point of sale in cannabis) provides a specific field within their inventory information where users can input the actual brand name you would like displayed. If you have the Brand information populated, your menu can utilize the data you have added for Brand.


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