Launching Online Ordering / Order Ahead

Grassworks Online Ordering is one of our premium features, and integrates seamlessly with our Simple Marijuana Menu. 

Online Ordering / Order Ahead allows clients to use our proprietary technology to place orders from their smart phones, tablets or computers in as little as five clicks. After their order has been placed, your budtenders are notified by either a text message or a dedicated in-store receipt printer, so they can ensure it's ready to go by the time the customer arrives at your store.

To make the most of Online Ordering / Order Ahead Grassworks recommends taking the following steps: 

Make Sure Your Staff is Fully Trained 

Ensuring that everyone at your business is familiar with Grassworks Online Ordering / Order Ahead is key to making it a successful part of your store's revenue stream.

To guarantee the roll out goes smoothly, you should review all Help Center documentation, which should answer any questions you or your employees might have about receiving, managing, and completing the orders which come through the system.

Publicize Online Ordering / Order Ahead

To use this feature, your customers first have to know it exists! So, Grassworks recommends making Online Ordering / Order Ahead a focus in your customer interactions, advertising, social media, and promotion material. It's also beneficial to put a call to action on your website, so your customers can easily go from browsing your menu to placing an order. 

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