Onboarding and Implementation

First off, we're excited to have you in the Baker family! And the Simple Marijuana Menu Support team is here to assist you during the set up process, so your digital services will be up and running in no time! 


Once you've signed up, we'll schedule a call with one of our Grassworks Onboarding Specialists. They'll walk you through the set up process, identify points of contact for your store, and answer any initial questions you might have about our services. This process typically takes a week, but can be completed in as little as a day. We're determined to make it easy for you and your team!

During your onboarding consultation, we'll collect the following details:

  • Store point of contact
  • Inventory Manager (If different from point of contact)
  • IT/webmaster (If different from point of contact)
  • Domain Registrar
  • DNS Provider
  • Website Platform
  • Current manifesting and inventory management procedures

Once we have this information, the set up process will proceed smoothly.


After the onboarding meeting, Grassworks will work with you to complete the following implementation steps:

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