Troubleshooting Print Notifications

We know it can be stressful when your online orders are not printing. Here is a short troubleshooting guide.

First, log into your Online Order Settings page and see when Simple Marijuana Menu last communicated with your printer.

If you see the last communication is within 1 minute, check the power to your printer and ensure their is receipt printer paper in the printer. Then print a test order.

Before preceding, check to see if your store is having any internet issues.

Next, reset the power to your Mac Mini will often allow the computer to reconnect to the internet. To reset the computer, hold down the power button on the back right corner of the machine. Once it powers down and the status light turns off, turn it back on by pressing the same button. When it boots up, you will see the status light turn on and you will here a boot noise.

Once the machine is booted, check the Ordering Settings page again and see if the communication with the printer has been regained.

If you still do not have connectivity, you will want to enable SMS notifications in order to be notified of new orders and we suggest you contact us by submitting a support ticket.


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